About us

We are Alpha - a breed, not a brand!

We are not a brand. We are a breed of highly motivated and goal driven people. We offer American made products and natural supplements to help others achieve excellence. 

Meet the team:

Ryan Hetrick, Proprietor and Managing Member

Ryan started his fitness journey in 2010 when he and Marc began working together at a steel mill. Long hours, infrequent time off, and having a young family to take care of left him unhappy with his physical conditioning. After requesting Marc's assistance, the two began training together. Ryan's already strong work ethic and zest for life served him well as he "grabbed the bull by the horns" transforming himself into a lean, powerful, and focused beast.


Marc Cuzzupe, Proprietor and Managing Member

Marc has been an avid fitness enthusiast since 2000.  He is dedicated to being a natural body builder, focusing on good nutrition, proper execution of a fitness routine, and clarity of mind.  Through Marc's years in the gym, he has inspired many people at various stages of their own fitness journeys.  Becoming a father has increased his desire to take good care of his body, nourishing it, to make sure there's lots of energy to play with his sons for many years to come.  


Hannah Cuzzupe, Customer Service Director

Hannah has always been an active person, spending many years as a competitive dancer, cheerleader, and gym rat.  Working long hours at her corporate job couldn't keep her away from the gym.  Recently trading those 5 a.m. workouts for multiple night time milk buffets for baby her fitness routine has changed, but is no less important!  She  is dedicated to providing healthy meals and teaching her sons the importance of good nutrition and exercise.  It's important to Hannah that Alpha provides safe supplements for you and your family!


The Alpha Team, at your service!